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biological wastewater treatment

BioPetroClean™ is a cleantech company specializing in biological wastewater treatment. Our breakthrough technology, Automated Chemostat Treatment™ (ACT), offers significant advantages over other available processes. ACT can be applied to a wide variety of sites including oil refineries, terminals, drilling sites, marine ports, power stations, contaminated reservoirs, and storage tanks.

BPC’s advanced wastewater treatment system has been field-proven and has been shown decrease contamination to levels lower than government discharge standards. The output is virtually sludge-free and the recycled wastewater can be returned to its natural source.

The BPC-ACT™industrial wastewater treatment is cost-effective, easy to implement and lowers operating costs. Our wastewater treatment equipment is easily incorporated into existing infrastructures with a reduced on-site footprint.

BPC offers a variety of products ranging from one-time solutions to continuous wastewater treatment implementations.

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