Management Team

David Amir is the former CEO and President of Nur MacroPrinters, a multinational company with an annual turnover of $80 million. Prior to joining Nur, Amir founded Paspartoo, a software startup. Amir was also the Vice President of Operations and Business Development of Scitex, spending a total of nine years in Israel and six years in the US and Europe.

Amir Kleinstern has an extensive business and operational experience, having served as the GM of NUR Asia Pacific in HK and in several marketing, business and R&D positions with Scitex USA and Israel.

Yael Barash has over 8 years of extensive experience in Environmental projects, having worked in both the regulatory aspect as well as in industrial technology.  She has worked as an industrial wastewater regulator with the Israeli EPA and as an industrial technologist for Veolia Water Corporation.  Additionally Ms. Barash holds a M.Sc in Microbiology and Biotechnology from Tel Aviv University  and an MBA from the College of Management in Tel Aviv. - Website Development