ACT | Automated Chemostat Treatment for Industrial Wastewater


Automated Chemostat Treatment™ (ACT) is a new and powerful ecological, biological wastewater treatment solution for a wide range of waste water treatment challenges. This trailblazing “green” process is easy to modify and can be used at a variety of sites including:

* Oil refineries
* Oil storage terminals
* Oil production/excavation sites
* Marine ports
* Contaminated reservoirs

The Innovative Concept of Automated Chemostat Treatment (ACT)
The scientific concept behind ACT™ is the application of an appropriate bacterial cocktail for a specified type of polluted water coupled with an innovative chemostat process. The process is maintained in a homeostatic state of bacterial growth and organic compound degradation.

Due to the low concentration of bacterial cells used in our biological wastewater treatment , no aggregates are formed and each bacterium acts as a single cell. This increases the surface area available for biodegradation, increasing the efficiency of the process.
ACT operates as a continuous flow reactor without using activated sludge. The bioreactor can be applied on-site (using the available infrastructure) due to its high flexibility in process modulation. This dramatically decreases operational and maintenance costs.


Unmatched Benefits
The advantages of ACT are immediately noticeable:

* ACT simplifies the process by reducing bio-sludge, chemical usage, and black sludge  creation.
* ACT handles both low and high capacities and a variety of contamination levels.
* ACT can be used for both fresh and salt water.
* ACT is easy to modify and adjusts to any increase in capacity.
* The ACT process output produces minimal sludge and meets the strictest of disposal standards.

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