BioPetroClean™ Up-Stream


BioPetroClean™ offers a produced-water purification system to oil and gas drilling companies . Thanks to its innovative BPC-ACT™ technology, the treated water can meet the client’s desired values with a simple, highly efficient process providing a significant cost reduction. BPC’s solution for produced-water is designed to operate efficiently even under fluctuating conditions that often occur with produced water.

The fully automated control unit is modular and can be easily transported from one drilling site to another. This delivers additional cost savings, as one unit can serve several stations during the exploration phase. Furthermore, the automated system provides the site’s administrators and operators with automatic reports at any given time. The control unit effectively monitors and balances the system to ensure clean water discharge at all times.

BPC provides its clients with one-time or on-going services according to the clients’ demands. In either case, systems are tailored specifically to the client’s needs, by our highly professional engineering department.

BPC plug & play systems for produced-water treatment handle 5-50 cubic meters of water with an in-residence time of only 10 hours. Following the BPC-ACT treatment, the water can meet with the final levels required for re-injection or disposal, according to clients needs.


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