Experience Pure BI Services for your ETP Operations

BI stands for Business Intelligence- It comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the Data Analysis of Operational, Business & Financial Information. BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of Business Operations.

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In short it is Fast, Simple and a Smart way of controlling the plant.

Simple – Software web service requires NO INVESTMENT

Simple   Smart- Based on large knowledge base with AI technology Smart

Fast- Get your PureBI system fully customized to your exact plant setup & requirements within a week & from that point on – gain ever-growing value.

Demand your free trial to experience how it will improve your process efficiency, Quality and sustainability as well as Help reduce your OPEX. Gain Complete Visibility over your entire WWT plant operations


  Value Addition of the Puri BI Software customized to your ETP

- Onsite process supervision

- Excellent performance visibility in form of Dashboards

- Prediction of Faulty elements + alerts

- Guidance for Prevention – Process and Opex analysis and history statistics

- Opex reduction/ Optimization

- Hotline support.

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