Marine Ports Bilge Water Treatment



BPC Hassle-Free Solutions for Marine Ports

BioPetroClean™offers marine ports a bilge purification-system solution that delivers a reliable performance while reducing costs dramatically. BPC’s new ACT technology for marine ports is fully-automated for hassle-free, non-technical operations, and suitable for the fast-paced environment of a busy marine port.

This one-time investment offers ports full control without the requirement of an additional work force. The skid-mounted easily integrated system installation is hassle free and even fits into the most limited spaces. The automated system provides port administrators and operators with automatic reports at any given time. It effectively monitors and balances the system to ensure clean water discharge is occurring.

Events often occur at marine ports that can cause a one-time crisis or create a large accumulation of bilge water that necessitates treatment. BPC-ACT™ is designed to work on bilge in its characteristic salty environment. The system has been explicitly designed to perform at optimal levels when treating salt water. Many other solutions suffer performance degradation under similar conditions. BPC plug & play systems handle 5-50 cubic meters of water with an in-residence time of only 10 hours. ACT can also create custom treatments for higher capacities.


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