One Time Water Treatment Service

It’s 1-2-3: We Analyze, We Treat, We Solve

Unlike other biological solutions, BPC-ACT™ one-time service treats the water on-line by cubic meter and doesn’t tamper with current infrastructure. Customers only pay once the problem has been resolved.
BPC labs perform a series of sophisticated tests on water samples to identify the exact composition of the contaminants. Once the composition is identified, BPC creates a biological bacterial mix that is Custom-Tailored to the customer’s specific contamination and infrastructure problem. We then install our system into the facility where it automatically solves the contamination challenge. The revolutionary sludge-free service enables a one-time treatment of water contamination for events including process failures, poor maintenance, storm water accumulations and ballast water leakages.


Click here to download the one time service brochure [PDF]

Click here to download the one time service case-study [PDF]

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