Oil Storage Farms Water Purification Solutions


Full Solution for Water Purification

BPC has created a bioremidiation water solution that allows oil storage farms to own and run their own water purification system. Automated Chemostat Treatment™ (ACT) is easy to install and integrate into the existing infrastructure and requires little training to operate. Due to the low operational costs, ROI is achieved even in low capacities.

Bio Treatment – Now Available for Oil Terminals

* Simple and flexible: Easy installation, Sludge-free output
* Effluent can be discharged directly to nature
* Full remote control
* Can be used in fresh or salt water
* Handles a variety of contamination levels

EAPC-PicFlexible and Efficient

The ACT process can handle both low and high capacities. Water processed by gravitational separation is drawn into the bioreacter which automatically and efficiently purifies the water using the new patented technology. If there is a change in parameters (temperature, pH, etc.) the bioreacter sensors alert the controller. The controller automatically stabilizes the flow maintaining a balanced environment. The controller can also alert any online control center. The virtually sludge-free purified water can be reused or directly deposited to any natural environment.




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